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At Center For Discovery, we are able to provide more therapeutic services for teens struggling with substance than any other residential treatment center. Every resident at Center For Discovery receives a personalized treatment plan that is tailored to fit their individual situation and needs.

Anger Managment

Center For Discovery offers a variety of therapeutic groups to help adolescents explore interpersonal issues. We feel that controlling and understanding anger is necessary for all of our clients. The Aspects of Anger group is intended for adolescents whom may be experiencing any type of anger-related issues; for example, difficulty with managing emotions, trusting others, and ineffective communication within the family dynamic. These issues can highly impact the client's individual recovery process and treatment. Here adolescents are provided the opportunity to explore the root causes of their anger and develop skills to manage emotions without engaging in destructive behaviors.

The group philosophy and primary focus of Aspects of Anger is for our clients to identify past unhealthy patterns of coping with anger by developing adequate coping skills and effective anger management techniques.

Center For Discovery utilizes a cognitive behavioral approach, which assists clients to understand anger as a secondary emotion and to identify underlying emotions. Clients benefit from this group by gaining awareness of triggers and environmental stresses. Aspects of Anger help clients to develop assertiveness skills and establish a pro-active plan to regulate emotions and face emotional challenges more appropriately.

"My whole experience with this facility was nothing but positive! All of the staff was awesome and I couldn't say enough good things about all of them."

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Relapse Prevention

Adolescents in early recovery are particularly vulnerable to relapse, especially when common triggers for our clients are peer influences, environmental stressors, and feelings of boredom. At Center For Discovery, we believe in educating both our adolescents and their families on the importance of Relapse Prevention, which will greatly minimize the risk of substance use and increased family conflict. Individual, family, and group therapeutic interventions are all implemented during the client's treatment to further assist in the development of individual insight into addiction and the preventative measures to manage triggers. These various therapeutic modalities are all used to help the client gain awareness into identifying triggers and effectively managing these triggers with the recovery tools and positive coping skills they have learned in treatment. Here at Center For Discovery we take a collaborative approach with both the client and the family to develop a personalized relapse prevention plan that supports the client in their road to recovery.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a type of psychotherapy that is based on the interplay between thoughts, feelings, and actions. Research shows that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is highly effective in treating those struggling with substance abuse. Center For Discovery utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as a framework due to its collaborative approach that individualizes the Client's treatment, and further promotes positive change. The Substance Abuse residential treatment program offers both individual and group models of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Our treatment team works with adolescents, teaching them to replace their substance use with less risky behaviors by recognizing what led to the onset of their use, and by implementing adaptive coping skills. Above all, we strive to offer a client centered approach that ensures individual success.

12-Step Program

Evidence suggests that participation in support programs, such as the Twelve-Step Program, is beneficial to those who are in treatment for addiction. Here at Center For Discovery, we to believe that it is imperative to our client's therapeutic process to integrate the Twelve-step model into treatment. At Center For Discovery, we strive to educate our clients on the principles of the traditional Twelve Steps through group interventions, individual sessions with our Specialized Addiction Counselors, and attendance in local AA meetings and support groups. Also, as part of our Relapse Prevention program, we encourage our clients to obtain a sponsor and develop a supportive fellowship within the community to better prepare our adolescents in their journey to recovery.

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Center For Discovery Treatment Centers specializes in behavioral treatment through unique and specialized therapy with individualized treatment programs for every individual to get them on their way to recovery.

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Expressive Arts

Creativity is positively associated with well-being, health, and overall life satisfaction. Art therapies are used to help clients achieve insight and awareness through self-exploration and self-expression. Specifically, Art therapy for adolescents can provide teens with an easier way to express themselves. A question and answer type of format can be daunting and intimidating for some teens, especially when they have to try and explain complex emotions. Because of this, art therapy for adolescents can be a much more viable solution for communication than simply having a conversation and talking about things. This can be especially true when it comes to traumatic events.

If a teen experiences something tragic, that event usually gets buried in their subconscious where it affects them in the future. These types of things are not easy for anyone to talk about, especially when there are deep-rooted emotional issues in play. Through art therapy teens can help bring these suppressed emotions to the surface so the art therapist can then focus on healing their issue(s). In our work we see that the sensory experience of making art can have a profound effect on a person?s emotions. Many times our clients get immersed in the creative process which allows them to temporarily be free from the overwhelming symptoms they are experiencing. For many teens, creating art is a break from their depression or anger. In these moments other aspects of their character come out. It so amazing to watch clients who have been shut down come to life through their creative process.

Recreational Activities

As a part of our daily schedule at Center For Discovery, we offer our adolescent clients a recreational activity time to break up the day of therapy, therapy groups, 12-step meetings and school time. Recreational activity may not feel like therapy for our clients, but, in fact it is. Recreational activity helps clients get outside, move around, be active, and engage with one another in a positive social environment. Our clients are still kids and need to play. It helps them take a mental break from therapy but also offers an opportunity for them to realize they can be sober and still enjoy themselves and have fun. One of the most healing things the human body can experience is laughter - and during recreational activity, our clients feel free to play games, joke around with one another and relax. Our facility offers a basketball court, a ping pong table, as well as a cabinet full of board games. Clients can go outside or stay indoors during recreational activity time, and though they are monitored closely by staff, they get to take a break from doing work and talking about serious issues. It is a chance for them to let go of their stress and be kids. Our clients always report enjoying recreational activity and will often describe it is during this time when they realize they can be sober and still enjoy life.

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