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Center For Discoverylocation near Rancho Palos Verdes, CA was selected to provide a therapeutic atmosphere conducive to healing.

Center For Discovery
Florida Eating Disorder Treatment Centers

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Center For Discovery


Eating Disorder 

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Eating Disorder Treatment |Residential Centers 

Eating Disorder Treatment |Residential Centers 

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Center For Discovery Orlando

14915 Fosgate Rd | Monteverde, FL 34756
Male and Female | Teens and Adolescents


Eating Disorder Treatment |Outpatient Centers

Eating Disorder Treatment |Outpatient Centers

Center For Discovery Orlando Outpatient

151 Southhall Lane Ste 175 Maitland, FL 32751
Male and Female | All Ages


Center For Discovery Palm Beach Gardens

11300 Hwy 1 Ste 150 North Palm Beach, FL 33405
Male and Female | All Ages


Center For Discovery Tampa

2111 W. Swann Ave, Ste 202, Tampa, FL 33606
Male and Female | All Ages



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Eating Disorder Treatment Location | Treatment Centers

Our Locations

Center For Discovery Treatment Centers is located in beautiful neighborhoods all across Treatment Centers. Our locations are chosen carefully for an environment that provides a warm and therapeutic atmosphere for those seeking treatment. Center For Discovery Treatment Centers is designed to help clients and their families through the treatment process comfortably. Our home-like settings allow our residents to begin the recovery journey in a relaxed and spacious environment. With our locations, skills and knowledge learned at Center For Discoveryare more easily transferrable to life after treatment.

"I can honestly say thanks to [Center For Discovery], an eating disorder doesn't own my life anymore."

Morgan T.
Discovery Alumni
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